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If your car keys are locked in your vehicle always check how the company that you call intends to gain entry.

Most modern vehicles will automatically deadlock.

Bending car doors not only causes damage to the door but also to the door rubber. Forcing the boot lid to power probe the wiring loom causes damage to the boot, rubber and wiring loom.

All of these methods can cause damage to your vehicle and can be expensive to repair.
A large number of car recovery garages still use these methods even though in most cases they do not work when the vehicle is deadlocked.
This additional damage, waste of time and expense can be averted by having the correct training and equipment
Bovey Locks continues to invest in up to date training and equipment and will gain access to your vehicle without causing damage.  We offer a full mobile locksmith service for getting access without your car keys and also in a variety of other locksmith related services.