Auto Locksmith

Bovey Locks continue to invest in training and modern equipment. This allows Bovey Locks to cater for most needs including opening and decoding a lock to then cut the key or alternatively cutting a key to code on computerised key cutting machines.

Using modern equipment the key can then be programmed into the vehicle allowing the vehicle to be driven away. Most main car dealers have at least a 7 working day delay whilst the key is ordered, then you have to get your vehicle to their garage for the key to be coded to the vehicle.

Bovey Locks offer a full mobile roadside service which means that the vehicle does not have to be recovered to a garage for our auto locksmith services, thereby saving time and money and getting you back on the road sooner.

Since 1995 vehicles have had to have transponders fitted.

There is a lot of technical jargon on the internet in relation to transponders and immobilisers but the bottom line is that the transponder inside the key needs to be programmed into the vehicle to enable the vehicle to start. If the transponder is missing or not programmed then the vehicle will not start or in some cases will start for a few seconds and then cut out.

Bovey Locks has the ability to supply and programme these keys into the vehicle but at the same time have not forgotten the older vehicles.

Bovey Locks has an extensive range of keys for older vehicles, a recent example being a key made for a 1957 Citroen car.